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Whether you are a CIO looking for assistance or an organization without a CIO looking for the technical and business process leadership services of a CIO, we can help.

CIO Services, LLC is dedicated to supporting senior management of any size organization who want to hire-in IT best practices including strategy, governance & alignment.

We can provide you with leadership and management for your organization, projects, applications, infrastructure or IT operations.  WE FOCUS ON EXECUTING YOUR OBJECTIVES.

You can trust us to get the job done.  We provide interim CIO level executives with years of experience, gained by leading in multi-billion dollar global companies.

AND, let us institutionalize your process change using our project to deployment, workflow, governance tool ….>




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This paper addresses how Business Mashups are an excellent tool for businesses that need additional strategic value and tactical operating productivity out of their internal and collaborative external business processes.  In this context, what is being proposed as the “mashup”, at a highly abstract level, is Web 2.0 + BPR + Workflow Management.  An approach is recommended for conducting business process transformation using Business Mashups.
PPM is about IT, the PMO and all Business Functions.  Managing a portfolio of key work, projects and initiatives for a business involves cooperation and interchange based on easily obtainable, factual data about the status of the portfolio of current activities  
The biggest problem today with IT operations management is that there are too many methodologies.  Name your favorite acronym;  ITIL, CMMI, whatever;  all bring confusion and a sense of bureaucratic-fear to the folks in the trenches who just want to Do It - keep things running.

Business Mashups

Mashups Whitepaper


Amazon Simple DB and StarPound MASHUP for Voice Information Access, and Unstructured DB Access via Web Services  Part 1   Part 2     





Mashup Value Proposition

· Unlock legacy and Web data

· No-code App development with minimum IT involvement

· Quick, low cost implementation

· Improve Process with Workflow

Project Lifecycle Governance – incorporating elements of PPM, ALM, ITIL and Cobit

The Project Lifecycle Governance we are talking about addresses the process from initiation of an IT project to the deployment into production, and the ability to conduct oversight across the entire series of events.

So what?  Doesn’t everyone do that? You may say.




You have tried structured IT process, and maybe even a structured enterprise tool, to manage your project initiation to deployment process.  And, has it failed, or been less than effective in getting projects, features or stories released at the right time, without any rollbacks necessary?





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Announcing PPM Litecycle TM for Integrated PPM and ALM


Project, Application & Infrastructure Portfolio Management for IT Organizations requires integration between your PMO, Development and Operations groups, with one view of the project lifecycle. PPM Litecycle provides PPM and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in an integrated, non-complicated, non-bureaucratic process.





Evaluate the Capabilities of Your Information Technology  to Support Your Enterprise Value-Creating Activities


Value Network Modeling and Analysis



PPM - ALM Bridging the Development - Operations Gap




Project Lifecycle Governance Software


Assessing the Small IT Shop (small IT governance)

How many small inefficient IT shops are out there?  Does it really matter? 


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