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CIO Services, LLC was established in 2002 with a few primary axioms in mind.

· IT Benefit— We believe there is an almost infinite capacity to achieve business benefit from the proper utilization of technology.  We want to help organizations look to the future and implement technology for the future state of the business vs fitting the system to current processes.  Then the benefits will come.

· No failures—We believe there are far to many embarrassing IT systems implementations failures.  This comes from inexperience, or poor guidance.  We want to help you be assured that your organization will never be one of the failure statistics.

· Organization Development—People are basically good.  The key is the right person for the right job, the right training, and the right support.  Major systems projects happen at the mid level of organizations.  We can help you be sure that your teams and processes are correct so  that you are tapping that tremendous energy which comes from an empowered systems organization.

· No waste—Projects which waste resources have basically not been planned.  We have the experience to know the degree of upfront planning which is necessary for  your major systems projects.  We move methodically but rapidly through the entire systems development life cycle.

· Experience makes a difference—Trial and error will eventually bring a systems project to conclusion.  Unfortunately it may happen after too many casualties of resources.  We have done the learning for you and taken the pain.  Let us get you quickly to where you need to be using the years of learning we have.





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“I brought CIO Services in to look at one of TRX's largest solutions - CORREX. TRX had been experiencing serious stability and performance issues with this application. Their expertise in systems architecture and process improvement was apparent from the first day. After working with TRX's internal stakeholders (e.g., IT, Application Development & Solutions Mgmt) – CIO Services, with our team put together a comprehensive root cause analysis report and in it provided a number of key, pertinent recommendations. As a result of CIO Services work, the CORREX platform's operational performance saw noticeable improvement and the number of Severity 1 incidents reported were reduced by more than 50%.”


James Sabinske, VP, Information Technology, TRX (former position)


“CIO Services has provided excellent, value-added service during multiple engagements which I contracted them for.  Their breadth of knowledge has been evident across diverse IT and business domains including; IT implementations, PMO processes, Data Center operations, systems consolidation/strategy and ERP.  They differentiate themselves by not only consulting, but executing on and implementation of their recommendations.  I can confidently recommend the use of CIO Services, LLC.”


Matt Watson, Chief Technology Officer, InComm


“We engaged CIO Services to do interim consulting as we were implementing our new ERP package.  They brought focused IT management assistance to our processes, which was concise and obviously experienced-based.  In addition they made recommendations in the area of go-forward IT strategy and organization.  They have the ability to take large company experience and apply it to our small company needs.  We were very satisfied with their services and received very high value on our investment.”


Alim Thompson, President, New Leaf Distribution